Lightlab Imaging (co-founder)


Mark Brezinski MD,PhD co-founded Lightlab Imaging in 1997 with James Fujimoto PhD, Eric Swanson MS, and Carl Zeiss America.  The pioneer of cardiovascular OCT (in collaboration with James Fujimoto PhD), prior to 2000 Dr. Brezinski was the author on all cardiovascular OCT peer articles.  He was also the only holder of NIH research grants for cardiovascular OCT prior to 2000 (and has been continuously funded since 1995). 

In 1997 (4 years after cardiovascular OCT work had begun), as OCT had been already developed for animal imaging, the goal was to bring it to the patient.  Lightlab Imaging was formed which moved forward the commercialization of OCT cardiovascular imaging technologies.  John Moore and Joseph Schmitt PhD were important members of the initial team.  Dr. Brezinski served as a board member, consultant, and negotiator in addition to being a founder.  Lightlab Imaging was sold in 2002 and is now owned by St. Jude Medical.  Cardiovascular OCT systems are now FDA approved (and being sold).